Affordable Divorce Lawyer Westchester

Affordable Divorce Lawyer Westchester


Affordable Divorce Lawyer Westchester

If you are looking for an affordable divorce lawyer in Westchester contact Gregory Salant of Harold, Salant, Strassfield & Spielberg.

Divorce is tough and can be expensive, but going through litigation can make it even more difficult. Over the years, collaborative divorce has grown quite popular as an alternative to the traditional litigated approach. Collaborative divorce is a process where the spouses and their attorneys negotiate the divorce settlement without going to court. For this type of divorce to work, both parties must be committed to working together in resolving the issues.

Here are some things to know about collaborative divorce:

The Participation Agreement
The participation agreement is signed by both spouses and their trained lawyers. It requires everyone to agree that instead of going to a divorce court, all efforts will be made to reach a settlement. Each party is required to share information freely. In case an agreement cannot be reached, the collaborative attorneys will be replaced by new divorce attorneys.

A Team Effort
Each spouse has their own attorney and there are other advisers as part of the effort. Other parties include therapists, child custody specialists, financial experts, etc. These experts can help divorcing spouses make good decisions.

Client, Child and Family Centered
The collaborative divorce process recognizes that when children are involved, obligations and relationships often continue even though a marriage may be ending. It emphasizes on resolving differences through negotiation which helps all family members move forward in a positive way.

Confidential and Private
The process of a collaborative divorce is private and confidential. It is usually held in an office rather than in a courtroom setting.

Convenient and Cost-Conscious
Collaborative divorce works on the family’s schedule. The spouses have the flexibility to schedule the meetings with their team. It is also a more cost-effective and efficient process compared to a traditional divorce procedure.

Contact an Affordable Divorce Lawyer in Westchester
The process of collaborative divorce often helps to foster productive communication and faster settlements while maintaining a more positive environment for children. Divorce lawyer Gregory Salant takes a collaborative approach to his cases when appropriate and will work with clients to resolve their case amicably and efficiently. If you are seeking a collaborative divorce you owe it to yourself to contact him for a free consultation. Call 914-683-2500 or email him at