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I was involved in a very complex divorce case and Greg provided me with excellent representation through the whole process. If you are looking for a good divorce lawyer, I strongly recommend him!
— Tami J.

Greg was my lawyer through a very difficult divorce. He was able to block all of the false accusations that my ex wife had tried to make about me. He also remained very calm and responsive through the entire process, while being very fair when it came time for billing.
— James N.

You get what you pay for and Greg is well worth it. He is exactly the kind of attorney you want on your side. He is aggressive and witty, an overall great attorney. He is not the kind of attorney that will sugar coat things. He is up front and honest because he truly cares about his clients. He is also knowledgeable and proactive. Highly recommended!
— Dana G.

Greg was there for me every step of the way, keeping me informed and helping me make decisions that were right for my case and me. He is an outstanding lawyer who always has the best interest of his clients in mind.
— Gregory W.

Greg is an excellent attorney. He helped a friend of mine with their case and was extremely patient throughout the process. In my professional experience, I have seen many people go through difficult divorce processes. This was the first time that I could say I was impressed with an attorney’s work.
— Robert T.

Greg is incredibly calm and hard working with a great deal of integrity. He is also incredibly knowledgeable. He rises to any challenge and gets the job done. He is an absolute winner.
— Stacey A.