Attorney Divorce Westchester

Attorney Divorce Westchester


Attorney Divorce Westchester


If you are looking for an Attorney for Divorce in Westchester contact Gregory Salant. When couples decide to part ways, legal separation and divorce are two options they can choose. In a legal separation, spouses having issues in their relationship are given an opportunity to separate but without the legal finality that is involved in a divorce. Spouses can live separately while retaining their marital status. Legal separation provides numerous benefits to spouses and their families.

The following are some of the benefits:

Legal separation can benefit children
A divorce can have a negative effect on the emotional health of children. However, a legal separation allows spouses to spend some time apart without turning the lives of their children upside down. It will allow children to experience a tight family bond, even though their parents may no longer live under the same roof.
Legal separation is reversible
Legal separation can be reversed. It allows spouses to reunite and reconcile without requiring them to remarry. During the period of legal separation, the spouses can gain a full understanding of what it is like to live without the other in their lives. Although this experience can often lead to a divorce being finalized, there is still a possibility that legal separation can strengthen a relationship in the long run.

Legal separation process is simple
The legal separation process is simple and it can have benefits outside of the relationship and family issues. When spouses obtain a legal separation, it generally does not disrupt their lives and work the way a divorce process would. Hence, a legal separation is beneficial because spouses can continue to live a normal life without the stress, emotional turmoil and time requirements that may come with a divorce.

Legal separation is not costly
When both parties agree to the separation, it can be less costly than a divorce. In states where legal separation is recognized, obtaining an order for legal separation only requires a petition duly signed by both parties and filed in the county court. It may also require a signed agreement stipulating the division of property and provisions for child support and other financial support. This process requires only a minimal fee. However, a divorce may require huge attorney fees and court costs. Legal separation may allow a spouse to retain health benefits. In a legal separation, a spouse can retain the benefits of a health care plan, especially if it is under the name of the other party. Getting a divorce will terminate this coverage.

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