Cheap Divorce Attorney Westchester

Cheap Divorce Attorney Westchester


Cheap Divorce Attorney Westchester


Divorce attorney, Gregory Salant, of Harold, Salant, Strassfield & Spielberg is experienced and understands the unique difficulties that may arise in the context of divorce law, both legally and emotionally. He understands the financial hardship that can come with the divorce process which makes him a good option for those seeking a cheap divorce attorney in Westchester. Divorce Meditation is another way to keep the cost down, if the couple can come to an agreement.

Advantages of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a settlement process that separating or divorcing couples frequently use. This is a process where couples make decisions with the help of a professional mediator. It gives the couples an option to make decisions for their future regarding child custody, parenting schedules, the division of property and spousal support. Everything discussed in the mediation sessions is strictly confidential. A divorce mediator cannot provide the couples with legal advice. It is important to consult with a divorce attorney such as Gregory Salant, prior to signing any legal documents.

Here are some advantages of divorce mediation:

Couples can Control the Discussion and the Outcome
Mediation is a voluntary process and does not involve a judge or other people. It is private and confidential. The couples make the decisions on an agreement keeping in mind what is best for the family. Important decisions about the family are not left in the hands of strangers. Couples choose the topics that they want to discuss and settle. They have the final say over the terms of the agreement.

It Protects Children from Conflict
Divorce mediation is generally less stressful for children. Custody trials usually require the children to be interviewed by several experts. The cooperation of the parents in a mediation process often leads to joint custody being awarded.

Saves Time and Money
Mediation is a faster way to get a separation or divorce. While there is no cheap divorce, mediation is less costly compared to lengthy divorce battles. In a mediation, the couple pays one professional who is dedicated to reaching a resolution. There is a faster resolution as the parties do not have to wait for months for the next court date or wait for the lawyers and judges to coordinate their calendars. Issues can be resolved with fewer sessions.

Less Emotionally Difficult
Divorce mediations are less difficult emotionally as couples cooperate and work together instead of working against each other. This preserves the ability to work together in the future as parenting partners.

There is Greater Flexibility
Mediators can work around the family’s busy schedule. They can work on weekends or evenings and also online via Skype, conference call, speakerphone, etc.

Gregory Salant is a cheap divorce attorney in Westchester in that he understands that finances differ in each case and strives to reach individual goals while working within a client’s budget. To further this, free initial consultations are offered to all potential clients. Gregory Salant understands that a divorce is an emotional legal event. Divorce Mediation provides a safe setting for parties to communicate their needs and interests with each other while focusing on principled problem solving such as fairness, self-determination and the best interests of all family members. Our divorce mediators work diligently with clients to ensure their individual goals of mediation are reached. If you need help, give us a call at 914-683-2500 or email