Cheap Divorce Lawyer Westchester

Cheap Divorce Lawyer Westchester


Cheap Divorce Lawyer Westchester 


Deciding to get a divorce is an emotional, trying time. Having the help of an experienced, but reasonably priced divorce lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of the divorce and your quality of life while it is happening. Consider calling or emailing Westchester divorce lawyer Gregory Salant for a free consultation at gsalant@haroldsalant.com or 914-683-2500. Below are some frequently asked questions about divorce and the divorce process.

What if my spouse does not want the divorce?
You don’t need your spouse’s participation in order to file for a divorce. Either spouse can ask the court to end the relationship as long as they notify the other party after the petition is filed. You will get the final divorce in court even if the other spouse does not agree or want to get divorced.
In case of ‘no-fault’ divorces, issues concerning custody, support, spousal maintenance and equitable distribution of marital assets need to be resolved before the divorce is granted. If the parties cannot resolve these issues, the court will determine the case and grant the no-fault divorce.

Where can my spouse and I get help to work out our differences outside of court?
Divorce mediation or collaborative family law can be a good option for you and your spouse if you need to work out parenting arrangements. This can save you time and money, and reduce stress. These out of court processes are also considered to improve relationships between parents and their children after divorce. However, they may not be favorable in cases involving domestic violence or child abuse.

How do I get certified copies of my divorce papers?
Certified copies of divorce papers can be obtained with a fee from the County Clerk. Divorce records are not made public. Therefore, certified copies of divorce papers (except judgement of divorce) can only be obtained by one of the spouses or the spouse’s attorney. In cases where you were divorced some time ago, you can still obtain certified copies of your divorce papers from the County Clerk of the county where you were living at the time of your divorce. They can also be obtained from the Department of Health by paying a fee.

At what point during the process can a spouse remarry or start dating?
A spouse can re-marry only after he or she has signed the Judgment of Divorce and filed with the Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage. Generally, a spouse can start dating again after a Separation Agreement has been signed by both parties, or after the Judgment of Divorce has been signed and filed with the Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage.

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